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1. The Jury

1. The Jury

Selection of the jury members

  • The jury will consist of representatives from leading communication design magazines in Europe.
  • Each magazine will appoint one jury member who is qualified to serve the specific task.


  • The judges shall elect a chairperson from among themselves.

Examination of entries

  • The judges shall examine all the designs submitted by the participants, determine whether
    they conform to the rules and conditions, and exclude any which do not.

International diversity

  • The jury must consist of members from as many different European countries as possible.
    No one country shall have a majority representation in the jury.


  • If for any reason an appointed jury member becomes unable to be present at the jury meeting,
    the magazine is entitled to appoint a substitute.
  • Any alterations of the jury members will be announced on the awards’ web site.


  • In the case where in any specific category the number of submissions is too high to
    be accommodated by the normal jury procedures, and in accordance to the International Council
    of Graphic Design Associations guidelines, a Pre-selection committee might be formed.
  • This will have a minimum of five members and it will be international in its composition.
  • The task of this body is to facilitate the work of the regular jury by providing it with a number
    of finalists among which the awards and distinctions will be decided.
  • The methods and criteria implemented by the Pre-selection jury will be the same as the ones
    implemented by the regular jury

2. Judging criteria
2. Judging criteria
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