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3. Awards & catalogue

3. Awards & catalogue


  • There are three levels of distinction: Gold, Silver and Bronze.
  • In each category, a Gold is only awarded if the jury believes that the specific work is of extremely high calibre. The Gold winners receive a trophy during the Award Ceremony. In rare cases, the maximum of two Gold awards may be given in one category.
  • Silver winners receive a diploma during the Award Ceremony. A maximum of five Silver awards are given per category.
  • Bronze winners receive a diploma by post or in the ED-Conference reception. A maximum of five Bronze awards are given per category.

ED-Awards catalogue

  • All award winners (gold, silver and bronze) will be published in the ED-Awards catalogue and on the ED-Awards website.
  • All gold winners will receive one free sample, excluding shipping. Each winner will receive one free copy regardless of the number of submissions included in the catalogue.

Announcement of judges’ decisions

  • The award winners will be informed at least one month before the award ceremony but not officially announced before the award ceremony.
  • The participants who did not win will also be informed via e-mail no later than two weeks before the award ceremony.
4. Submissions
4. Submissions
2. Judging criteria
2. Judging criteria
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