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Alt. payment solutions

In case you do not wish to (or for technical reasons cannot) make online credit card payments
through PayPal, there are back-up solutions available.
If anything is unclear, please don’t hesitate to contact the organisers at info@europeandesign.org
or call us at + 37 260 270 70.

1. Off line credit card form

  • Download and print this credit card form.
  • Fill it in, sign it and return it to us (either via fax +30 210 9523607 or by scanning it
    and sending it via e-mail to info@europeandesign.org).

2. Bank transfer

Pay via bank transfer to our account in Swedbank in Estonia.
Bank: Swedbank AS
Branch address: 8 Liivalaia Street, 15040 Tallinn, Estonia
Account holder: Design Federation OÜ
Account no.: EE112200221063351135
Swift code: HABAEE2X

Please also send an e-mail to info@europeandesign.org informing us on the date of the transaction
and the total amount deposited. Attach a receipt of your payment or fax the receipt to +30 210 9523607.
The bank transfer takes up to a week to arrive and without your mail we will not be able to verify
your bank transfer.

3. PayPal account

If you have a PayPal account you don’t need to be logged in to our site to transfer your payment.

  • Go to www.paypal.com and log-in to your PayPal account (or create a new account)
  • Click on “Send Money” and enter the data:
    To: billing@europeandesign.org
    Amount: XXX (according to your order)
    Currency: EUR – Euros
    For: Service/Other
    and click on “Continue”
  • In the Message field, please fill in your company name and let us know if you require
    an invoice in case that the automatically generated receipt is not enough for your book keeping.

    Click on “Send Money”
  • PayPal will send you a receipt immediately to confirm the payment.

If you need further assistance, please contact us. Please also send an e-mail to info@europeandesign.org
telling us the date you paid, the total amount and if you require an invoice or not.

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Submission code
Submission code
FAQ: Submitting work
FAQ: Submitting work
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