Digital graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge, intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.

• Infographics for websites
• Multimedia infographics
• Infographics for applications
• Infographics for TV and projection

• Corporate illustrations
• Self-promotional illustrations
• Illustrations in magazines, newspapers or other periodicals
• Illustrations for articles on websites
• Printed infographics

The infographics must have been published in the previous calendar year (and up to the day of the current deadline), and can’t be self-promotional.
A range of infographics is considered as one submission, subject to a single fee.
See previous years' winners here.

Files to prepare
You can showcase your projects with up to 2 videos. Please upload a video on youtube or Vimeo and enter the link in the relevant field when submitting your project. Do not forget to submit the video's password in the case that it is set on private mode.
Save minimum six screen captions as JPG (3600 x 1536 pixels, RGB, 72 dpi).
These images will appear in the winners’ gallery if your design is awarded.
Upload the images via this site (no later than February 26th, 2021).

What to send
Unless you uploaded your files via this site, send any files needed to using