Illustrations created for books or for the purpose of accompanying articles.


The following list includes examples of illustrations. Other illustrations may also be eligible.

Children’s book illustrations

Comic book illustrations

Cookbook illustrations

Encyclopaedia illustrations

Novel illustrations

Illustrations in a magazine

Illustrations in a newspaper

Illustration in other periodicals

Illustrations for articles on websites


Corporate illustrations

Self-promotional illustrations


The illustration must have been published in the previous calendar year, and can’t be self-promotional.

A range of illustrations is considered as one submission subject to a single fee.

See previous winners in this category here.

Files to prepare

Save image files (and if applicable also digital photos) of the illustration as JPG (3600 x 1536 pixels RGB, 72 dpi).

These images will appear in the winners' gallery, if your design is awarded.

Upload the images via this site.

What to send

For a book illustration, please include a sample of the book. Mark it discreetly with your submission code.

For an editorial illustration, include a printout in A4. You may also include the page from the magazine/newspaper where it was used. Mount it on hard board and mark it on the reverse side with your submission code.

Place the copy/printout in an envelope and post it to European Design's Greek office (to arrive no later than 24 February).