Commercial poster (promotes a company, product or service)

Concert poster

Theatrical play poster

Film poster

Art exhibition poster

Festival poster

Poster for other cultural events


A series of posters


The poster must have been published in the previous calendar year, and can’t be self-promotional.

See previous winners in this category here.

Files to prepare

Save image files of the poster as JPG (3600 x 1536 pixels, RGB, 72 dpi).

You may also include digital photos of the poster, placed in any given environment
(3600 x 1536 pixels, RGB, 72 dpi).

These images will appear in the winners' gallery, if your design is awarded.

Upload the images via this site.

What to send

Please send one sample of the poster (actual size). Mark it on the reverse side
with your submission code.

If your poster is very large (>2 m) you also have the option of printing it in a smaller size
and send the print-out.

Place the poster in a tube or box and post it to European Design's Greek office (to arrive no later than 24 February).