An identity implementation is the visual identity of a company, product or service.
It often includes an explicit logo, fonts, colour schemes, symbols, websites, animations etc.

Designs created for screen displays
•Mobile applications
•Designs projected on buildings, walls, surfaces
•Animated logos
•TV idents

Printed implementations

The implementation must have been published during the previous calendar year (and up to the day of the current deadline), and can't be self-promotional.
If the implementation involves a website, include the URL on the online submission form.
See previous years' winners here.

Files to prepare
Save digital photos of the implementation in  JPG format (3600 x 1536 pix, RGB, 72 dpi).
These images will appear in the winners’ gallery if your design is awarded.
Upload the images via this site (no later than February 26th, 2021).
It is allowed, but not compulsory, to send a short (<60 seconds) video where you showcase the digital identity to the jury. Please upload video on youtube or vimeo and enter the link on the relevant field. Do not forget to submit the video's password in the case that it is set on private mode.

What to send
There is no need to send any physical samples for this category.