This category includes apps and versions of websites created for touchscreen devices (smartphones, tablets, etc), regardless of their operating system.

•Apps designed for touchscreen devices (smartphones, tablets, etc).
•Websites designed to be displayed and perform for touchscreen devices, either using responsive design or a special mobile or tablet version. 

Websites not adapted for touchscreen devices.

The website or app must have been released in the previous calendar year (and up to the day of the current deadline).
In the case of a public website don't forget to add the URL in the online submission form.
In case of paid apps, please include a promotional code in the online submission form in order for the jury to be able to download the application.
See previous winners in this category here.

Files to prepare
You can showcase your projects with up to 2 videos. Please upload videos on youtube or Vimeo and enter the link in the relevant field when submitting your project. Do not forget to submit the video's password in the case that it is set on private mode.
Save up to ten screen dumps of the App interface as JPG (3600 x 1536 pixels RGB, 72 dpi).
These images will appear in the winners' gallery if your design is awarded.
Upload the images and include the video links via this site (no later than February 26th, 2021).

What to send
There is no need to send any physical samples for this category.