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Upcoming Festival
Porto 2017 ED Awards Festival Overview

Curated by Grafill, Norway's national organisation for visual communication, the programme for the European Design Festival this year is all about making new connections! It all starts with an exciting tour of some of Oslo's best studios before everyone heads over to Oslo's beautiful City Hall for a grand opening of the Festival. The actual festival takes place at an amazing Oslo harbour venue called Skur 13 and we have invited speakers whose work truly challenges the way we think and feel - about design, sustainability for the future and even life in general. The award show and party Saturday night will be a blast. Remember to bring your dancing shoes! 

Stay tuned for updates and new events happening during the first three days of June.

  • The city of Porto is considered by many as Portugal's design capital.

  • For the first time in the history of the ED-Awards, all European Design Agencies of the past years in the same place

  • Two Pages is a collection of sketchbooks that started in 2012. Since then it has brought together more than 450 artists from Europe, Asia and America.

Studio Walks
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