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Edit Winners' Gallery

Edit Winners' Gallery

Our website allows you to edit most text errors in the winners’ gallery yourself. You are able to see
the result of your changes immediately, as the web gallery is updated in real time. This way we avoid
the possible errors and delays by having an editor making the corrections for you. It is also a necessity
due to the large amount of data.

Gold = Award, Silver = Merit
The winners gallery contains gold, silver and bronze winners from 2007-2019. Since there has been
a change in the terminology, the equivalent of a “Merit” awarded before 2009 is a “Silver” prize,
whereas the equivalent of an “Award” for the same period is a “Gold” prize.

To edit your winning submissions you need to log into your account on our site. If you have forgotten
your username or password and can’t renew it via our site (link in the header named
Forgot your password?), please mail us.

  • In the main menu to the left, please go to Account -> Submissions -> View/Modify
    (if the sub-menu under Submissions do not open please refresh the page and try again)
  • Click on the header of the submission you need to correct.
  • When you are done, click on the pen button to save.
  • Go to the web gallery and make sure your changes appear the way you want them to.

Text changes
It is easy to modify the project description text yourself. The same goes for any corrections of credits
(name of Client, AD, Creative Director etc.). But there are two exceptions where you need to contact us
to correct errors:

  • Special characters: In the past we have faced some issues with special characters
    (=country specific letters, like in Czech, Polish, German, etc.) that did not appear correctly
    in the browsers (often replaced by a “?”). If there are still such issues in your submission
    please let us know.
  • Error in title: The title of your submission is locked, therefore, you cannot edit it yourselves.
    Please mail us the correct title and we’ll do it for you.

Image changes
Below the text fields you will see thumbnails of all your images for this submission. On each thumbnail
there is a trash basket so that you can remove it easily. Just above the images there is a link named
Upload Files to allow you to add more images. For the web gallery the preferred formats are the following:

  • JPEG (RGB, W:1392px, H:772px and higher)
  • MP4 (W:1280, H:720px).

Finally a comment about images:

  • Order of images: Unfortunately it is difficult to rearrange the order of the images and thereby
    control which of your images will be the first/main thumbnail. It is decided by the order
    of the upload and unless you want to upload your images again, this cannot be fixed.

Other errors?
If the error you want to correct does not fall under any of the types listed above, please contact us.

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Local printing service
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