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FAQ: Submitting work

FAQ: Submitting work


Q: When is the deadline for submission of work?
The submission period starts on 21 December 2019 and closes on 21 February 2020. 
Please note that physical samples of your work may arrive to our office as late as 6 March 2020.

Submission fee

Q: What is the cost of the entry fees?
The cost per submission is 140 euros. There is also a volume discount for 5 or more submissions 
(112 euros/submission). The submission fee for the Student Project Category is 40 euros.

Project publication date

Q: Can I submit work that was published in December 2018?

No. All submitted work must have been published in 2019.

Q: How about work I have created a long time ago but only got published during last year?
You can submit that. What is important is that the work has been published in 2019.

Q: What happens with a project the publication of which spans
      through more than one year?

If you started working on a project that begun on a previous year, but was completed during 2019 
(or even 2020) the decision on when it should be submitted is entirely yours. It could be that 
you submit it on the first year of its publication, or wait until it is completed, so that you submit
the whole work. The only limitation is that you may only submit this project once.

Q: Last year I completed a project that was never realised. Can I submit that?
No. You are only allowed to submit published work.

Based in Europe

Q: We are based in Europe and we would like to submit work we did for an Asian client. 
      Can we do that?
Yes. All European based design studios are eligible to participate in the ED-Awards.

Q: I’m an African national, based in Europe. Can I still participate in the ED-Awards?
Yes. All European based design studios are eligible to participate in the ED-Awards.

Q: We are based in the USA and we would like to submit work we did for a European client. 
      Can we do that?
Yes. Design studios without a business address in Europe are to be eligible to participate in the ED-Awards if they are submitting work that was created for European customers.

Self-promotion categories

Q: I have created a CD cover to use for our CD-ROM portfolio. Can I submit that 
to the CD/DVD cover category?
No. All projects that are created in order to promote the creative services of your studio 
must be submitted to the Self-promotion categories (digital or printed).

Student work

Q: I have done a student assignment and also got it published by a customer. 
    Which category do I choose?

Published student work is eligible under the normal categories (e.g. Book layout or 
Information site) for the normal fee. Unpublished student work is only eligible in category 
“Student projects” provided that it were a school assignment. The fee is 40 euros.

In-house design department

Q: I am working as an in-house designer for a car manufacturer.
If I were to send in a brochure 
I have created for this firm, should I submit it
under the “Printed self-promotion” category?
No. You should submit your work in the main “Brochure & Product Catalogue” category. 
In-house design departments that do not offer creative services as their primary function 
are allowed to compete in the other categories and are therefore excluded from 
the self-promotional categories.

Selecting category

Q: What is the best category for my work? What happens if I submit work in the wrong category? 
Does my submission get disqualified?
No. Select the category that you feel best describes the work. Upon receiving your work 
and during the jury meeting  it will be assigned to a more appropriate category, if necessary.

One entry to several categories

Q: May I submit the same entry in different categories?
Yes, a book, for example, may appear in both the “Book Cover” and the “Book Layout” categories. 
Keep in mind that these are regarded as separate entries and you will therefore need to submit
two copies and pay two submission fees.

File format

Q: What files are acceptable?
Check specifications under each Category.

Physical sample

Q: Why do I have to send my submission by post as well?
In most cases, the judges need to examine the physical samples in order to make a fair 
comparison. There are few exceptions (e.g. web sites) and we also offer 
a local printing service for some categories.

Modify entries

Q: Can I edit or change my submission?
Yes, you can edit and change both contact data and submission data until the end 
of the submission period by logging in to your account. If you wish to change 
the physical sample, this too has to be done before the deadline. There is no extra charge 
for changing submissions.


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