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FAQ: Winners & catalogue

FAQ: Winners & catalogue


  • Q: How do you guarantee the quality of the results?
  • One of the distinctive elements of the ED-Awards is that the jury is comprised entirely 
    of experts from the most distinguished and respected design media outlets. They are acclaimed publishers, editors and art directors with vast experience, originating from different countries and representing all the regions of the European continent (north, south, east, west and central), thus assuring that everybody receives a fair chance.
  • Further more, a representative of Icograda is always present during the jury sessions,
    in order to make sure that all Icograda guidelines are followed to the letter. 

When to announce the winners

  • Q: When will I find out whether I have won?
  • All winners will be informed by April 13th, at the latest, in order to make the necessary
    arrangements to attend the ED-Awards ceremony (for 2020 the ED-Awards ceremony will take place in Valencia on June 13th, 2020).
    Everyone else will be informed no later than May 8th.

Promoting winners

  • Q: What promotion is done for the winners?
  • The event is covered extensively by the leading European communication design magazines who participate in the ED-Awards as partners. Press releases are sent to magazines around the world, not just “trade” press, but rather, everything from financial to lifestyle magazines. We believe that an event that gathers and celebrates European design in such a comprehensive way, is of interest to a wide range of people. All finalists’ work will be published in the ED-Awards catalogue. The catalogue has worldwide distribution and is a significant tool for professionals in the communication design field and the design market alike. We firmly believe that a lot of people throughout Europe use this catalogue in search of business partners. All winners and their work will also be published on this site.

Number of winners/categories

  • Q: How many winners are chosen in each category?
  • Depending on the quality of the work submitted, the jury may select up to 10 winners for each category. Out of the finalists, one or two will receive the gold award up to five will receive silver awards and up to five, again, will receive bronze awards. Please keep in mind that the judges reserve the right to not award the top prize in a category, if the quality of submissions is deemed below standard.

ED-Awards catalogue

  • Q: When is the ED-Awards catalogue coming out?
  • Each year we try to have the catalogue ready to be published on time for the Christmas season. It is distributed world-wide by the Thames & Hudson distribution channels.

Free catalogue

  • Q: I won a gold in 2015 and am wondering if I will get a free catalogue?
  • Yes. All 2015 gold winners will receive a free catalogue, excluding the shipping cost of 18 euros. To avoid the shipping cost you are welcome to pick up your free sample from our office in Athens. Each winner will receive one free copy regardless of the number of submissions included in the catalogue.

Errors in the catalogue

  • Q: My work was featured in the ED-Awards catalogue but my name is spelt wrong.
    Why did you not double check this with me?
  • We spend a lot of time and effort to try to get everything right in the ED-Awards catalogue, with a very tight schedule for publication. There are only a few weeks between the jury meeting and the deadline for printing and not enough time for editing and proofreading (even though we tried this once). We therefore try to get the data right during the submission process by allowing you to review all your data on your screen and be able to modify it at any time until the deadline. But, of course, this does not solve all errors.

Submission Process
Submission Process
Video tutorials
Video tutorials
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