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Local printing service

Many of the categories require a physical sample and/or a printout for the jury to be able to judge
it fairly. For the following categories a printout is sometimes enough (see category descriptions
for details):

* with some exceptions, see below.

If you think it is convenient and worth the service fee, we have made a deal with a print shop
just next to our Athens office. If you create and upload a pdf for print and name it exactly
“file_for_print.pdf”, this print shop will print it according to the category specifications
and deliver it to our office.

Service fee

The service fee is of 3 euro/A4 page and 6 euro/A3 page. When you upload a file called exactly
“file_for_print.pdf” and add Printing Service when you check-out, the page will automatically
calculate the extra cost (the uploader script counts the pages and checks if it’s A4 or A3).


Prepare one print optimized PDF file per submission. The size should be 29,7cm x 21cm (A4).
Name the file “file_for_print.pdf”. When you check-out your submission you will need to click
both “Add to Checkout” and “Add Printing Services” for this fee to be added.

  • For the logo categories there should be 2 pages per submission, one page with the logo
    in colour and a second page with a black-and-white version and a negative version of the logo.
  • The illustration categories should also be in PDF-format. The number of pages depends
    on your design, but keep it A4. The local printing service is possible for corporate and
    editorial illustrations. For book illustrations you still need to send us a physical sample by post.
  • For the Original typeface category, it might be enough with one page if you use our template.
    If you use your own promotional material you still need to send us a physical sample by post.
  • For the Signs & display category we need photos mounted in an PDF-file. The number of pages
    depends on your design but keep it A4.

Note that the pdf file needs to be uploaded via our site (the burn a CD alternative is not possible).
If you are submitting more than one entry for local printing, please create one pdf per submission
and upload it under correct submission.

Common mistakes

  • Naming the files something else than exactly “file_for_print.pdf”. Several clients tried
    to add the title into the file name, please don’t. Our automatic uploader only counts the pages
    and adds a printing fee if the file is named exactly “file_for_print.pdf”.
  • Creating more than 1 pdf file per submission. Please create 1 pdf-file per submission,
    not one per page.
  • Creating PDF-files of other sizes than A4 or A3. All other sizes will be automatically
    cropped/modified by the print shop which might not be in favor of your design.

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