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Eye UK

Eye is a quarterly magazine for graphic design professionals, plus art directors, type specialists, illustrators, advertising creatives, photographers, academics and
serious students. The title takes a broad view of the industry and culture, providing riveting reading matter and an eye-popping feast of visual material, from design history to today’s cutting edge. Eye’s content-driven method is to presenting outstanding work in a straightforward manner, together with critical writing: substantial features, short regulars and an extensive section of reviews.

Though Eye regularly ventures into the broader fields of visual culture, the quarterly has maintained its authority through high editorial standards, great writing, clear but innovative layout, a constant appetite for production values, featuring many prominent specialist writers worldwide, while at the same time encouraging practising designers to voice their opinions on the subject.

Magazine Data
Country: UK
Magazine language: English
Issues per year:

Contact Information
Website: www.eyemagazine.com
Haymarket Business Publications Ltd.
174 Hammersmith Road
London W6 7JP

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