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Shipping instructions

This year all entries will be collected at our Athens office.


  • Please mark the packages or envelopes with your submission codes. If a submission is split
    in several packages add “parcel x of n” after the submission code. E.g.
    1234-03-22003, parcel 1 of 3
    1234-03-22003, parcel 2 of 3
    1234-03-22003, parcel 3 of 3
  • If a package contains more than one submission, please list all codes on the package.
    It is useful if each submission has a separate envelope or similar inside the package
    (each marked with the submission code).


  • A customs invoice should be included with the shipment when applicable, marked
    “Contest material – no commercial value”. If the courier company requires a specific value
    for the goods, please use nominal values (e.g. 1 €/item).
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that the shipment is delivered to the European
    Design office in Athens, Greece and to cover all courier, mailing and insurance cost as well
    as any import duties.

Send by post or courier service

  • Please send your package by traditional post service or courier service to:
    European Design / Sokratous 157 / 176 73 Kallithea / Greece
  • State Demetrios Fakinos as a contact person if required (phone +30 210 9523617).

FAQ: Submitting work
FAQ: Submitting work
Submission Process
Submission Process
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