Trophies for silver & bronze winners

Following up on the demand of many silver and bronze prize winners we now offer the possibility for them to add a trophy to their diploma.
The silver/bronze is based on the design of the well-known “Gold star”, the only difference being that it is 12 cm shorter (therefore missing the bottom part).
If you are attending the Warsaw Awards Ceremony you can even have your trophy picked up there (provided that you complete your online order by May 8th)
Otherwise, your coveted ED-Star will soon be delivered to your address by registered mail.

Attention: All bronze and silver winners receive their complimentary diplomas during each year’s award ceremony. This paid service is provided to those who wish to add a trophy to their collection (and it includes p&p costs).

* To have the trophy handed over in Warsaw, right after the ceremony itself, all purchases need to be completed by the 14th of May at the latest. All trophies bought after this date will be sent to their owners via post.