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1, 2, 3, Kultummel

by xplicit Gesellschaft für visuelle Kommunikation mbH

The Children’s Exhibition with the Diversifly
From 6 May 2017 to 6 May 2018 the Labyrinth Kindermuseum Berlin invites you to the exhibition „1, 2, 3, Kultummel”. On an area of 1,000 qm in the listed factory building, an exciting world of culture bustle is being created with many learning and play stations. Here, young and old visitors will find numerous participatory actions on the theme of cultural and human diversity. With cult hustle and bustle we describe the many cultures that “romp about” in the world, i. e. distribute and mix. Every culture, every human being and every animal deserves respect and tolerance. No culture is worth more than another!
At 13 playable stations it is possible to discover, transform and design. The aim of the exhibition is to involve the youngest members of society in the current discourse on the value of diversity and to make children become co-creators, visionaries, practitioners and new “diversifies”.
“1, 2 , 3, Kultummel” is accompanied by a summer holiday programme on the theme of happiness as well as creative activities, further education and theme birthdays. The patronage was taken over by the German Children’s Fund, the patron of the museum is actor Ulrike Folkerts.
graphic design
Ornaments, patterns are all over the world. They show diversity and function noneverbal. That was our basic idea.
As a result, we decided to implement the exhibition primarily in risograph printing technology. This means that we developed the graphic motifs, printed them with our riso printer and glued the motifs to the walls with wallpaper paste.
The basic spatial structure of the exhibition consists of wooden structures representing the 5 continents. Diversity all over the world … Each continent is dedicated to a specific theme and age group.
Especially for this exhibition we created two special typefaces. A “hand painted“ headline font and an easier readable font for text and copies. The “Brush“ font is hand painted and digitized – it was used for headlines and decorative keywords.
Key visual and sympathy bearers is the “diversifly“. The wings of the butterfiy are heart shapes – hearts that fly towards each other. Key concepts from the most diverse areas of life describe diversity, give suggestions and describe what diversity means.

  • Creative Directors Alexander Branczyk
  • Art Directors Alexander Branczyk
  • Designers Alexander Branczyk, Mascha Wansart, Annette Wüsthoff, Evren Koca
  • Illustrators Mascha Wansart
  • Photographers Qasim Unger / Die OffeneBlende, Mascha Wansart
  • Editors Ursula Pischel, Mirca Melchers
  • Copywriters Ursula Pischel, Mirca Melchers
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