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by busybuilding

A special edition designed to celebrate the 10+1 of Advocate/ Burson-Marsteller in Greece through 10+1 texts encompassing the 30+ years of experience of its CEO, Maria Lazarimou along with special quotes and texts by the company’s network, stakeholders and clients. The brief requested a premium, celebratory production with emphasis on the text.
The cover of the book is designed as a tribute to typography, using elements that remind of a school book in a fashionable, yet timeless, way. Overall, the design is focused on bridging the past with the future through vintage typography and minimal custom made illustrations. Even though the edition is anniversary, we opted for a design solution without any use of photography and placed all emphasis on the context and the people. The idea was to create a kind of a personal memoir of the CEO, using the colour code of a traditional school book and underline the company’s look to the future through an overall minimal approach.
The edition was printed in 1000 copies and is distributed exclusively through Advocate/Burson-Marsteller.

  • Creative Directors Dimitris Gkazis
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Stavros Rossos
  • Illustrators Stavros Rossos
  • Photographers Thanos Tsantas
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Sissy Caravia
  • Printer Panos Davis
  • Production Supervisor Akis Kantartzis
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