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1zu1 Prototypen Signaletik

by Sigi Ramoser Sägenvier Design Kommunikation

The client built a new productions-building to produce prototypes. The idea from the chef Wolfgang Huml was, that the people – working on prototypes all day should se the silhuette of the mountains in our country. So we created the idea to paint the line from the mountains on the glasses. Another Metapher was that geologic lines – visualising geographic layers – there is a pararellity. So we decoded the different producing-bulidings with wordings like points in our country – nature and mountains. And another association-part was that the client is working with stuff from our country for the industry – far from our country. From the small province to the big business world. Also there was some funny ideas to make sympathic wordings for example in the restaurant – there is written a menu with productes from the prototyping process.

  • Creative Directors Sigi Ramsoer
  • Art Directors Martin Platzgummer
  • Designers Martin Platzgummer
  • Illustrators Martin Platzgummer
  • Photographers Adolf Bereuter
  • Editors -
  • Copywriters Hermann Brändle
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