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2020 State Forests Calendar

by Podpunkt / Superskrypt

State Forests is an institution that takes care of forests and forest management in Poland. The 2020 calendar is designed to show the beauty and richness of forests and at the same time explain their economic, environmental and social role (3 roles are represented by the holes and 3 colors in calendars corners).
Each of the boards describe a different issue through infographics. The project required getting familiar with forest data, selecting the most interesting information, developing the concept of infographics and then illustrating them. The illustrations were made by 5 illustrators, who in various ways illustrated very complicated issues. The design of all the boards is coherent through colors, references to botany and historical engravings. Quite often, the infographics are multidimensional and explain more than one issue.
The June (Czerwiec) board shows what are the most popular types of forests in Poland
Apart from that it allows to see what types of trees like to co-exist with each other.
The April (Kwiecień) board explains the role of forests in CO2 absorption. Everyone knows that trees are crucial in purifying the air. At the same time hardly anyone knows how the surface of the forest affects the amount of clean air. The illustration shows how 25 ha of forest (area of ​​35 football fields) absorbs pollution generated by 1000 people, 215 motorcycles, 16 cars, 8 vans and 2 trucks. On the other hand the board helps to understand that the use of wood in the production of everyday items, has a positive effect on CO2 storage and has greater advantage over the use of plastic items.
The project is an interesting example of how illustration, apart from its aesthetic function, can also be a carrier of interesting information. It can support the reading and understanding of statistics.

  • Creative Directors Emilia Bojańczyk
  • Art Directors
  • Designers
  • Illustrators Kinga Gazda, Aneta Lewandowska, Diana Makulska, Maria Gumulak, Lisa Bataillard
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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