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360° Langstrasse

by Hinderling Volkart Web Identity

Switzerland is a beautiful country and Zurich is a very nice city. Beside cows, chocolate and banks there are lot of impressive sights. One of them is a street in the heart of Zurich called Langstrasse (the long street), famous and notorious at the same time. Its charm, its exotic touch, its variety inveigled the Swiss national TV to produce a TV-Documentary. Instead of simply transporting the hours of material onto the web, we decided to focus on the vibrancy of the street itself. The visitors of the website shall feel like a visitor of the street, thus discovering the many angles that are also highlighted in the TV version. We tried several interfaces and interaction concepts, but they all felt kind of flashy and decoupled from a natural browsing experience. Eventually, we came up with using the scroll interaction to move through a video. First prototype tests prove the user experience to be really nice. From there it was just a natural process to further develop the idea and use it as a combined navigation and content visualisation concept.

  • Creative Directors Michael Hinderling
  • Art Directors Ruben Feurer
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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