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365 identities


NEW ENTRY – 365 Logos – One new every day of the year.
When rebranding and re-naming a 50-year traditional hair and beauty salon Perry, we needed to do something completely new.
The key insight was that the salon and its staff had created new looks, new make-up, new haircuts, and most important, new self-esteem to clients every day for over 50 years.
The name and the identity need to do the same. Name: NY ( New in Norwegian ) A good identity should remind us of what we do every day. So we made just that. An identity in constant renewal – 365 logos, one new every day.

  • Creative Directors Kjetil Wold
  • Art Directors Jens Haugen
  • Designers Vivi-Ann Slaatsveen, Balder Dysthe
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Magnus Vanem
  • Copywriters
  • Project Manager Margrethe Bach-Evensen
  • Student Orinta Stragockyte
  • Digital Strategy Director Tor Hernan Floor
  • Performance Manager Van Cat Lam
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