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59th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

by Beetroot Design Group

The visual identity of the 59th Thessaloniki International Film Festival is based on a simple thought. The celebration of the small wonder that is the celluloid. Our main focus was to glorify the camera film, to emphasize its use, to show how this humble and unadorned item holds the essence of filmmaking and storytelling. A roll film holds into its frames countless emotions, stories, real and imaginative worlds which through motion come to life. The posters were flooded with dancing film rolls, unveiling hidden images, celebrating cinema like festive ribbons.
The brief was to create a cinephile-friendly identity that would be easy to read and to shake the expected graphic design focus treatments of the past off. The target group was the huge cinephile audience of Greece and Europe in general, which varies from young students, to film critics, to older celluloid fanatics. The International Film Festival gave us the freedom to create anything we wanted along the lines of the brief.
The posters quickly became a fan favorite earning lots of positive comments, offering recognition and solidifying the status of the festival. They were published both digitally and physically and were displayed in various places in the city of Thessaloniki such as public spaces, cinemas, theatres, coffees, and other popular locations.
Especially this year with the dedication to the digital media, the festival with its communication strategy will become even more accessible. We hope that the visual identity will serve its purpose, beloved by the public and will increase the engagement and participation of cinema fans all around the globe.

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