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9292 your travel companion

by Fabrique [brands, design and interaction]

The 9292 app: your personal public transport planner for mobile! 9292.nl is the ultimate travel planner for all public transport in the Netherlands. With the 9292 app planning your trip from A to B will be even faster. Personal preferences can be saved and the lay is user friendly. From anywhere to everywhere:
The app provides various options for choosing your departure location and destination: your current location (using GPS), a known location (like a shopping mall, station or landmark), a bus stop, an address or a location you created.
Synchronizing travel information:
This app doesn’t need the same information over and over. Frequently used locations are stored and you can create your own locations (for instance: ’home’, ’grandma’, ’office’, or anything you like.) If you create your Personal 9292 profile you can even take the trips you planned by train, bus, tram or metro at home with you on your phone. This allows you to synchronize your travel information with the touch of a button.
Check on your trip on the go: With this app the 9292 travel planner has become even more mobile. On the go you can easily check what time your connecting bus leaves and if there are any changes on your route.
– Planner for all public transport in the Netherlands
– Save and your personal travel advice and take it with you
– Create personal departure locations and destinations
– Information about important locations nearby
– Travel advices can now be saved in your calendar
– Sending a travel advice by email is now possible.

  • Creative Directors Creative Director
  • Art Directors Matthé Stet
  • Designers Jeroen van Geel, Marten de Jongh
  • Illustrators Illustrators
  • Photographers Annabel Oosteweeghel
  • Editors Editors
  • Copywriters Ginette Lavell
  • Technical Partner Q42 (Tim van Deursen, Michiel Post, Tom Lokhorst, Martijn van Steenbergen)
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