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A distinctive new voice


NEO, the most modern and distinctive new voice on the Swedish music scene today, wanted to create an internationally viable marketing material. Geektowns solution was to create a black cylinder with a modern pattern, which fits into the experimental idiom that is a representation of the ensemble. Geektown was contacted by NEO due to the high level of creativity and deep insight in the musicindustry. The collaboration has been successful to the point of high exposure and the result has been noticed by many. Magazines as Scandinavia’s largest magazine for Graphic Design – Cap&Design. The marketing material for NEO also appeared at MIDEM, one of the music industry’s largest trade fairs in Cannes, France after completion in 2012.  The project started and finished in 2012. 
The content is a creative alternative to a traditional CD-cover and also includes a custom tea, Tea by Neo and the ensemble CDs in the bottom of the cylinder. As well a modern broschure in a A3-format what also works as a poster, when folded out. The project captures five senses and brings you an extraordinary experience. The main idea is that you as a listener sits down, relaxes and ”gets in the mood” for music. As the flavours explore your mouth and warms you from within, the music explore your ears. The senses combined, make an extraordinary experience and is a preview of what shall be offered if one comes to one of NEO´s concerts. Curiosity, multidimensional flavours in the green tea as in the music is a new experience – NEO.  The colours used have been carefully selected to speak the right language. Its also a colour (green) that is associated with hope. Hope is a theme that speaks loudly throughout NEO. Hope for the future. Hope for a new world. Hope for a new Sweden.  
The word ’Neo’ means simply new and reflects both the music performed and the experience offered to audiences. The ensemble has quickly become an essential force in Swedish music life, always stirring and challenging its audiences. We always strive to do quality work and form a special bond with the ”clients”, or as we call them – inhabitants of Geektown.  The ensemble consists of seven musicians employed full-time and has Studio Acusticum in Piteå, Sweden as its home base. NEO performs contemporary music at the highest international level, in a manner which is both exciting and which reaches out to newcomers as well as to experienced listeners.  NEO works with young and more established composers alike, from inside and outside of the country, and is commissioning new works on a constant basis. The ensemble works for the growth of contemporary music additionally by cooperating with schools for composers. Since NEO was launched, more than a hundred first performances have been given.  The ensemble has had successful participations at festivals such as MADE, Stockholm New Music, Sound of Stockholm, Nordiska musikdagarna and Nordlys. Amongst many concerts programmes, the highly-acclaimed ’Grisey – in memoriam’ and ’Cage 100’, should be mentioned here. As Dagens Nyheter (swedish newspaper) wrote, ”Quite fantastic music, seldom heard in Sweden, performed at a world-class level by NEO – but for this night mainly a mind-expanding warm-up to Grisey’s enormous Vortex Temporum after the intermission”. Works by internationally known composers such as Chaya Czernowin and Kaija Saariaho feature in the ensemble’s repertoire and NEO has also caught the Tango fever, playing music by Igor Stravinsky, Astor Piazzolla and Jostein Stalheim. The ensemble has performed alongside folk musician and dramatist Svante Lindqvist and plays classical core repertoire as well. Concerts in community centres and children’s projects form part of NEO’s remit, and since its inception the ensemble has confidently been conquering an ever-larger musical territory. The ensemble is a constituent part of Piteå Chamber Opera’s performances and the musicians are section leaders in Norrbotten’s Chamber Orchestra and also teach at the School of Music in Piteå.
On Spotify NEO´s music can be found here: http://open.spotify.com/album/4HMupTd0PPdD83Jk0TCnnJ

  • Creative Directors Geektown: Kristin Lindqvist
  • Art Directors Geektown: Frida Larsson
  • Designers Geektown: Frida Larsson
  • Illustrators Geektown: Frida Larsson
  • Photographers Marco Feklistoff
  • Editors Annelii Backman, Norrbottens Musiken
  • Copywriters Geektown: Veronica Ruthberg
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