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A New Oscar For Mondadori

by Leftloft

Oscar Mondadori is the largest publishing catalog in Italy and one of the most important in the world.
Established in 1965 from a desire to make great literature accessible to the general public, the Oscar Mondadori catalog now includes over 4,500 titles, 28 series and over 1,200 authors with a mixture of classic and ancient, modern and contemporary, crime, romance, philosophy, science, youth fiction and self-help manuals.
The project has been an interesting challenge because of the client history, size, and huge and diverse audience.
The rebranding process reinforces the identity of the Oscar books and the relationship with readers by associating a new experience with the paperback. The new Oscar is simple, immediate and coherent.
For the first time among low-cost books in mass circulation, the covers have been ‘cut’ to immediately transport the reader into the world and atmosphere of the book: a ‘new cover page’ is born which expands the cover itself by visually anticipating the story within. The rebranding of the whole collection gave the Oscars a new identity, turning this vast territory into a big, yet harmonious, family. The Oscars’ logo has also been simplified, positioned at the top in the foreground as a seal that makes Oscars instantly recognizable from other books on the shelves.
Each series is distinguished by an expressive and sophisticated image, constructed ad hoc according to the needs of each different genre. Each author will have a specific reference image in terms of iconography and typography. Colour becomes a primary feature with a pop palette that includes bright colours and brand new choices, even for classic titles.
Ou approach to typography will also be applied to the typefaces used for the titles, which will follow a temporal logic regulated by a stylistic timeline designed for the Oscar books, which will evolve in time with the various epochs in which the books were published: from classical antiquity to today’s modern successes.
Lft Arnoldo, the family of fonts we designed specifically for Mondadori, is used for the logo, the spine texts, and the different series’ names.
Since May 2016 the rebranded catalogue has released 400 books among the series with a +20% sales growth

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