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The project catalogues the complete student works and activity of Architectural Association School of Architecture. This website is the online counterpart of the annual Projects Review exhibition that takes place at the Architectural Association (36 Bedford Square, London, UK) in the end of each academic year.

The navigation system was inspired by Ramana Rao and Stuart K. Card?s work on Table Lens prototype, developed at the Palo Alto Research Centre (Xerox PARC) in 1994.

It provides a clear and simple navigation to a quite large amount of data (arround 500 projects with 6500 images and 120 videos).

  • Creative Directors Vasilis Stroumpakos
  • Art Directors Vasilis Stroumpakos
  • Designers Vasilis Stroumpakos
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Photographs are taken/ generated by students and tutors of AA & Valerie Bennett and Sue Barr
  • Editors Rosa Ainley
  • Copywriters
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