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Adobe Remix

by Thomas Wirtz Kommunikationsdesign

Adobe periodically invites artists and designers from different fields to reinterpret the Adobe logo in their own way. The aim of this project was to stage the logo by the use of real physical processes. Starting as a comprehensive analogue experiment, three general methods of combining characters with physical phenomena have been elaborated upon. The results are three self-built, interactive exhibits: the Bubble Wall, the Black Mirror and the Remixer. They were presented live at MAX Creativity Conference 2017 in Las Vegas.

The first method describes the construction of a character in the overall view, by means of the smallest units of a substance or an effect. Based on these considerations resulted the Bubble Wall, with its organic and dynamic appearance in the interplay of time, construction and deconstruction. The logo, made out of soap water, air and dry ice, manifests only for the brevity of a moment in its perfect form, which slowly dissolves and disappears, just to subsequently emerge once more.

The Black Mirror uses the opposite method: Instead of constructing the character, the Black Mirror deforms it and thus explores the visual limitations of its readability. In its quality as a modular system, the exhibit offers a merger of different analogue effects and digital animations which create new elements of movement over and over again. Oil, black ink, glycerine and soap water are the main ingredients of this exhibit.

The Remixer focuses on the space surrounding the character: The logo itself becomes the protagonist in a scenario in which it is being playfully environed with the most diverse materials: Styrofoam beads, feathers, onion powder, flower petals and many more fill materials allow an always renewing overall impression.

  • Creative Directors Thomas Wirtz
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Thomas Wirtz, Frédéric Wiegand
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Thomas Hessmann, Thorben Winkler, Frédéric Wiegand, Thomas Wirtz
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Film Grown Videoagency
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