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Ahmad International Airport Doha

by studio FM milano

We had work on the way finding and the decoration (wall partitions, wall engravings, carpets, curtains etc.) of all the lounges and the public activity nodes of the New Ahmad International Doha Airport in Qatar. Designing a complex identity for large public spaces requires a workflow that involves coordinated complexity. Avoiding the trap of customizing each element of the project with its own distinct peculiarly. We have created a system that generates differences within the same family. Starting from the generating staminate cell of a simplified master plan of the airport, we ensured a coherent language to the entire identity. We took inspiration from traditional arabesque decoration to create the basic alphabet for everything. By turning the simplified plan around a center with different angles and points of rotation, we generated a grid for the distinctive pictogram set and for all the patterns that identify all the different spaces of the airport except for the Silver Lounge witch has a floral theme as a specific request from the client (in this case we created an imaginary floral combination of different plant species from different parts of the world, inserting in the drawing the sacred Qatar plant Sidra Tree).

  • Creative Directors studio FM milano
  • Art Directors Cristiano Bottino
  • Designers Cristiano Bottino, Luca Terraneo
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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