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Amsterdam Opportunity Zones

by Trapped in Suburbia

This publication shows the results of the study by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences(HVA), on the grant program Amsterdam Opportunity Zones. The program was initiated by the municipality of Amsterdam and provides financial opportunities for small independent retailers to improve their situation.
The result of the study showed that there are many prejudices and lack of understanding between the municipality and the shopkeepers. We have incorporated the gap between these two parties as a narrative thread in the design. The publication exist out of two parts, the research results and the shopkeepers quotes. These two parts are attached to the cardboard cover with elastic bands and the pages are folded alternately. By the friction of the pages it is impossible to take the two part apart, it can only be done only by turning the pages one by one. This symbolizes the relationship between the municipality and the shopkeepers, they struggle to work together but they can’t do without each other.
We have used the visual language of the shopkeepers to design their quotes, photographed the graphical expressions of the shopkeepers and used these as inspiration. The research results are designed in a classic minimalist manner and kept black and white. The publication is in A3 format because the researchers did not want it to end up in a drawer, but stand out and be preserved.

  • Creative Directors Cuby Gerards, Karin Langeveld
  • Art Directors Cuby Gerards, Karin Langeveld
  • Designers Cuby Gerards, Karin Langeveld, Marleen van den End, Maaike Kuipers, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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