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Ancienne Belgique - A visual soundscape

by Verve by Vruchtvlees

From The Clash and Leonard Cohen to Destiny’s Child and Amy Winehouse, ever since 1976 concert hall Ancienne Belgique (AB) has hosted some of the most famous musicians on its stages. Located in Brussels’ city center, it forms the heart of the European music scene. Yet its own brand remained in the shadows.

Initially known for its rock concerts, today a thriving and diverse group of music lovers eat their heart out in Ancienne Belgique. Whether you’re young or seasoned, indie fan or hip-hop lover – everyone comes together to enjoy the good vibes and excellent acoustics AB is known for.

To reflect the values of today’s tight and vibrant community and pay homage to its rich history, AB invited Vruchtvlees to develop a new visual identity and brand logo. And in doing so, work closely together with existing and potential AB-visitors part of the trajectory.

The result is a motion-driven logo that adapts itself to the artist, target audience and storyline. The refined AB-logo as a centerpiece pays tribute to the heritage. At times sharp and edgy, at other times softened and easy-going, the logo sets the identity in motion.

Whether you see the logo radiate on the website or pass by interactive signage on the street – you’ll feel it’s time to start planning your next gig.

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