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And if the truth will destroy me (Und wenn die Wahrheit mich vernichtet)

by Drushba Pankow

Short Graphic (documentary) Novel about the life of the catholic priest Richard Henkes, who died as a „martyr of charity“ in the Dachau Concentration Camp 1945 while nursing fellow inmates during a typhus epidemic. 35 pages plus 5 pages of footnotes. The book was published in connection to the beatification of Richard Henkes on September 15 2019 at Limburg (Germany). Richard Henkes worked not only as a priest in resistance to the Nazi regime and propaganda, but also for an understanding between the Czech and German people in the area of Silesia, where he worked from 1937 up to his imprisonment in 1943. The graphic novel tries to tell his biography with a focus of his martyrdom in the Dachau Concentration Camp, but also wants to show his motivation and inner struggles, hereby following only documented data as closely as possible. Included in the texts are excerpts of his many letters.

  • Creative Directors Volker Schlecht
  • Art Directors Volker Schlecht
  • Designers Volker Schlecht
  • Illustrators Volker Schlecht and Alexandra Kardinar (Drushba Pankow)
  • Photographers none
  • Editors Martin W. Ramb and Andreas Thelen-Eiselen
  • Copywriters Volker Schlecht
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