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Animation Billboard

by info@lambertkamps.com

Animation Billboard Assen The quayside in the city of Assen (NL) is enriched with an animated billboard that Lambert Kamps Art & Design have designed and created. This billboard shows the residents of Assen via a short animation what will happen to this outdated industrial area next to the city center. The unveiling of the object was also the start of the work which will transform the site in the coming ten years from old sheds and silos into a modern urban living area. The billboard is moveable and will always accompany the work. The project started when the City of Assen asked me to create a signal that tell the citizens of Assen that the quayside in the city will change dramatically in the coming 10 years. In my opinion this should not be a static object, because the area is full of activity in the near future. Thats why the idea of an animation came up. Purpose of the animation was; that it should be simple and communicative to people of all ages and technically possible to turn into a Billboard. The animation tells that factories will turn into residents housing, but smoke out of the chimneys will remain, to show that the area will always be full of live. To create a Billboard out of this animation was a technical challenge and staying in the budged another big problem, but problems are there to solve! The citizens of Assen now see and know that the area will change!

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