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ANNA, Gräfin von Meran 1804-1885

by Linie3

A charming book about Anna Plochl, a commoner girl from Bad Aussee and faithful wife of Archduke Johann (Habsburg). The book presents the very special lovestory of the well-known Austrian couple in the course of the 19th century.

Format: 22 x 16 cm, Hardcover with decorative embossement.

Many first published color images (souvenirs, original water colours, billets of correspondence from the personal register of Anna & Johann)

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors Gerhard Andraschko
  • Designers Gerhard Andraschko
  • Illustrators Anke Braatz, Amelange
  • Photographers Robert W. Sackl-Kahr Sagostin
  • Editors Edition Muße, Uta Gruenberger
  • Copywriters Dr. Maria Theresia von Wietersheim-Meran, Uta Gruenberger
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