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Anthon B Nilsen – Annual Report 2013

by Lid&Wiken

Anthon B Nilsen (ABN) is a Norwegian business group that works with development of commercial properties, provision of private education, and global trading with building materials and recovered paper. ABN’s main focus is on growth and the business group builds all its activities upon the core values: creative zest, long term focus, thoroughness and integrity. 
The annual report of 2013 focus on the merge between three ABN owned schools. The vision for the merge is to create an innovative educational platform focusing on the combination of Arts & Technology. 
To introduce the topic of the report we developed a concept called “The Solutions of Tomorrow”. With this concept we wanted to explore ABN’s visions for the new school. We did so by creating a soaring visual universe that look into the possible outcome of the new school by combining abstract digital shapes together with hand drawn illustrations in different installations – symbolizing the future relations of Art & Technology.
The grid is designed so that it gives the visual elements (illustrations, text boxes, text columns, headers an so on) on the page the room to float, creating a feeling of being in another time and space – inside ABN’s mind. 

  • Creative Directors Lid&Wiken
  • Art Directors Eva Sætereng Wiken
  • Designers Natasha Lid Bjørdalsbakke
  • Illustrators Christina Magnussen
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Delivered from client
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