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by Rajmund Rajchel

This Project was created on the occasion the 15th anniversary of the Gutek Film Company. The Gutek film company deals with the promotion and distribution of the world cinematography. This collection is a special, collector’s edition of the 8 films the classics of an artistic Italian cinematography of Michelangelo Antonioni. The target of the product is a specific, not accidental audience the film art lovers. The lovers of the film art which is multi-levelled, sophisticated and a little difficult to perceive. The form of package refers to these film art notions by making the user to put some effort into proceeding a range of actions allowing him to get the reach of the content of the box.
Simple, raw but noble materials and printing techniques were used to complete the project. In this way, the atmosphere of the films was conveyed. The presented sets of films were published in a limited number of 1500 (pieces). They were distributed by a network of stores of the biggest Polish firms selling products of culture, knowledge and entertainment.

Project description.
Inside the main “grand box” there is a smaller pack containing a holder for a DVD discs and the booklet with the films? descriptions. It is released from the grand box by pulling a Ribbon.
The book jacket made of black cardboard has a logo cutout. The booklet and discs holder are drawn out from the book jacket . On one face of the holder sheet there is a text relating to Antonioni’s works and on the other In specially shaped envelopes the DVD discs are placed. The holder sheet is made of tough Kraft paper. It folds into 16-page concertina fold ; on front and backside it has thick black cardboard debossed covers with logo and films’ titles .

Paper facts: cardboard, Black board, Kraft 140 g/m2, Super Snowbright creamy 90g/m2
Size: Grand box – 265x265mm, small pack – 150x150mm
Print techniques: one-color offset litho, line screen 200dpi
Additional techniques: debossed cover, die-cutting, laser cutting

  • Creative Directors RAJMUND RAJCHEL
  • Art Directors RAJMUND RAJCHEL
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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