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by Kommigraphics

The new Antonis Kounellas’ website, highlights his expertise and artistic concern as a cinematographer through an inventive and “out of the box” navigation.

From the very first screen, the 16: 9 desktop display environment helps the user understand the cinematic concept and scope of the brand, where the introductory information and a preview of the web content details are presented as if they were a movie’s titles.

The wow factor as well as the emotional approach to an online portfolio, were the two of the key pillars to attribute the filmmaker’s artistic concern, creativity and differentiation from the competition.

Large volumes of typography, dashing typesetting, and unexpected elements are part of the details one can see in the filmmaker’s own work.

To create an “online story”, the the switch between different content is done in a very gentle and orderly way, keeping the user’s interest and navigation alive. Different pages do not seem to reload, but the users get the impression that they stay in the same environment and simply move on to another chapter of the website’s online story.

The bold colour combined with the use of typography, attribute Mr. Kounella’s “out of the box” cinematography style as well as reinforcing his renewed corporate identity.

  • Creative Directors KOSMAS APATANGELOS
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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