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App Beat

by Morrow B.V.

About the concept
Making music is all about expressing yourself. And it only gets better if you’re able to do that together with your mates. Riffing off each other, until that moment when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you all start freaking out because suddenly everything fell into place.
App beat is inspired by the kids on the street. Hanging out together at their schoolyard or city square. Rapping, beatboxing, improvising, and messing around. The question of whether we’d be able to amplify that experience and make it more accessible to other kids, is what kick-started this passion project.
Together with our friends from Q42 we set out to create an instrument that you can pull out of your pocket anytime and start making music. App Beat brings you that true expression together with friends, without having to know anything about music theory.
The interface is dead simple. As soon as you put your thumb down, a sample starts and you’re off. Move it around to build up the intensity or change notes, roll your phone in mid-air to blend in effects, and when you approach that break: Hold it way up high to crank up the volume. All without looking at the screen. This in itself puts a smile on your face, but where App Beat really shines is when friends join in.
If they open up the app, the phones connect. Tempo and tonality are synced so everything sounds awesome from the get-go. Want to switch it up? Pick a different instrument or make your own samples, and hook up a bluetooth speaker to really get that party going. Once you’ve captured your performance you can share your creation with others.
With Q42 we’ve created a proof of concept that feels truly magical. When people walk by they initially don’t believe the music they hear is created right then and there. And when we hand them the app, within seconds their eyes light up and a big smile appears on their face. It’s a passion project dear to our hearts that we hope to bring to more kids one day.

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