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Applied Evolution – BRAIN Annual Report 2016/17


The 2016/17 Annual Report issued by bioeconomy company BRAIN focuses on the company’s key competence: the understanding of biological and evolutionary processes and the ability to learn from nature. This is what we call “Applied Evolution”.
BRAIN’s BioArchive contains thousands of microorganisms, enzymes and natural substances. Together with the company’s technology portfolio, the archive helps translate biological diversity into sustainable products and processes for various industries.
The Annual Report starts off with a series of works by the artist Quayola that explore the borderlines between art and reality, and examine how technology changes the way we see the world. While technology is the vehicle, the value of these artistic works lies in the creativity that the artist brings to the process. In a similar manner, the creativity of the research team at BRAIN transforms the BioArchive into “nature’s toolbox”, giving rise to unprecedented products and processes.
Illustrations inspired by technical drawings and data visualisation used at BRAIN subdivide the chapters and lead in to the corporate stories, which illustrate one example from each of the company’s three technology units.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors BRAIN Art Direction: Bettina Schreiner, Elena Reiniger
  • Designers
  • Illustrators David Lemm
  • Photographers Anja Jahn, Luise Böttcher
  • Editors BRAIN AG
  • Copywriters BRAIN Corporate Communications
  • Publisher BRAIN AG, Dr. Jürgen Eck, Frank Goebel, Dr. Martin Langer
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