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Aristophanes' Birds

by Beetroot Design Group

The Onassis Cultural Centre”flew” for the first time in Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus
with the most comical birds of Aristophanes: the “Birds” (414 BC).
In our work we decided to highlight the magical moment when the actor is ‘transformed’ on stage, embodying the role and in this particular case, the transformation of the actors into birds (!). The Birds signify the human’s need to fly, to create a new world, to get in touch with his true desires.
Every actor-bird is at the center of a separate image, which in combination with the others make up the overall identity of the show. The actors transform themselves into birds, the troupe is a “flock.”
We chose to represent the “Birds” in a realistic way, with magnificent plumage full of colors and create a visual impression, taking into account characteristics such as texture, weight and friction.
The people-birds we suggested with their the wings, the feathers, the instantaneous movements, their sound and organic freedom they were given by the ability of the flying, was in the end a trigger for the viewer in order to watch the show not only with his eyes, but as we did, with the mind and imagination.
The surreal graphic elements in a white background that dominated the promotion materials, gif and videos, with the vivid colors, full-body digital bird costumes that the actors were dressed in and the music (based on the voices of the troupe) that is pleasantly intriguing, constituted the promotion of a performance while not being necessarily aesthetically identical with the performance itself but enhancing the points that make it unique.
Because these “Birds” aimed mainly in the conscious realisation of another level of existence, of the nature and the function of the theatre itself. They were a call to the senses and an invocation of the subconscious, both of the actors and the audience.

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