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ART Building

by Red&Grey

Dublin City Arts Office is an integral part of Dublin City Council. The arts are a unique and fundamental part of Dublin’s identity. By leading, developing and working in partnership, the Arts Office support artists, arts organisations and the city’s communities to deliver quality arts experiences that contribute to Dublin’s cultural life and its reputation as a modern vibrant city, rich in heritage. Art is seeing before words, it permeates the fabric of the city, it is seeing what everybody else sees and thinking what nobody else thinks. Art is in the space in-between. Art is about depicting space and us in it. it is a means by which we can be guided, consoled, seduced, reassured, inspired, educated, emboldened and stimulated. In order to honour art as an integral part of the city, we designed Replica Art, a custom made font made from the spaces in-between in the city. Spaces in between office buildings, cultural centres, housing estates, park benches, school stairways, gallery entrances, rooftop horizon lines etc. etc. The result, an adaptive font we were able to allow for consistency on the Arts Office building light boxes and the building’s Lab Gallery window vinyls. One that is directly connected to the city. The bilingual building light boxes were constructed using ‘International Klein Blue’ (blue being Dublin’s main colour) and ‘Opportunity Orange’ (it’s natural companion colour). A thin white vertical line moves down and underneath the light boxes ending in an arrow head which subtly directs you towards the art inside. The colours allow for vibrant building signage during the day and illuminated signs at night. The gallery vinyls bring the opportunity for consistency and change.

  • Creative Directors Bob Gray
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Bob Gray
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Matthew Thompson
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Typographic finishing Bobby Tannam
  • Signage Construction Academy Signs
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