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by Studio GOOD digital GmbH

ARTE is a brand synonymous with creating award-winning documentaries and feature films for a growing European audience. Responsible for concept, design and implementation are the Berlin based agencies nxtbgthng, Novoda and Studio GOOD.   Since October 2013 the new ARTE apps are available in the different app Stores for iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets. The core content consists of the TV program, media center with catch-up content (ARTE+7) and the live stream. With ARTE+7 you can view almost all ARTE television broadcasts (80%) after the TV transmission for seven days online and in full-length. The TV program includes the next two weeks and registers every broadcast from the past weeks. You can filter by program and theme. Daily references and highlights support your individual navigation. Beyond that every content is trackable from each point of the app by using the search function. The new feature offers numerous improvements in comparison to the previous version The distinct and modern user interface allows an intuitively and fast approach. Important new actions are always explained in a tour tip. By using AirPlay you can collect supplementary informations, surf the internet and even use other apps, while the actual program is taken place on second screen. With the integrated Twitter tool it is possible to discuss in real-time about current broadcasts. Does the user interrupt a video it continues from that point automatically when he carries on watching. For most videos it is possible to skip to the beginning while using the live stream and so you don`t miss out a single minute. Furthermore you can switch between all audio versions that where broadcasted on TV. You can deposit your favorite videos in a wishlist. Furthermore you can subscribe to series of programs or add broadcast dates to your calendar. All personalized contents from the wishlist, last viewed are available with the Highlights page. At your own request you can synchronize all features via iCloud between all your Apple devices. These applications are the foundations for extensive second-screen-functions and personalized television.

  • Creative Directors Tine Päch
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Frank Renner, Tine Päch
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Marie-Sophie Keller
  • Copywriters
  • Project Manager Nils Maier
  • iOS Developer nxtbgthng
  • Lead iOS Developer Thomas Kollbach
  • Android Developer Novoda
  • Lead Concept / UX Design Martin Stelter
  • Technical Director Benjamin Fischer
  • Editor Marie-Sophie Keller
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