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by Owadja & Gstrein designs

Rosy greasy paper reminding of butcher shops, a clear and highly recognizable design – these are the eye-catching features of „ARTEFAKT“, the seasonal paper about art and culture published by the Swiss gallery „Macelleria d’Arte“ (transl.: Butcher of Art). As the local newspaper skinned the coverage of art, the idea was born to create this newspaper as a quarterly publication based on the editorial concept of open press, which allows interrested people to contribute their ideas, words or artwork to the topic of the next issue. A limited edition of ten pieces printed on cowskin is sold to patrons and supporters.
But that’s not all. The single-face screen-print and its format allows to use it also as a poster. It’s printed on real butcher paper. Use the last issue to wrap your babecue meat or sandwich. At the same time you are served with news about art, theater, music, events and philosophy. Enjoy your meal.

  • Creative Directors Jonathan Owadja & Hannah Gstrein
  • Art Directors Jonathan Owadja & Hannah Gstrein
  • Designers
  • Illustrators various
  • Photographers various
  • Editors Francesco Bonanno, Veit Rausch
  • Copywriters various
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