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Aspen Review

by Touch Branding

Aspen Review is a quarterly magazine on politics, economy and culture of the Central European region. It is published by the Aspen Institute CE in Prague. The articles in Aspen Review are unusually long and the topics are very complex and heavy on the facts. To provide contrast, the typography is very expressive and illustrations are made to look handmade using the aesthetics of old traditional newspapers with its typical limits of printing technology. The combination of factual text and emotional design makes the topics more approachable to wider audience. The magazine is printed in spot colours.

  • Creative Directors Aleš Mička
  • Art Directors Neil Johnston, Martin Marusinec
  • Designers Aleš Mička, Neil Johnston, Martin Marusinec
  • Illustrators Aleš Mička, Neil Johnston
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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