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Promotion > 12.3 Brochure

ATHENS STATE ORCHESTRA - Artistic programs

by G Design Studio

‘‘I can fancy a man who had led a perfectly commonplace life, hearing by chance some curious piece of music, and suddenly discovering that his soul, without his being conscious of it, had passed through terrible experiences, and known fearful joys, or wild romantic loves, or great renunciations.’’
— Oscar Wilde, 1891. The Decay of Lying in Intentions.
Every sound, every tone, every rhythm can influence the human soul by activating some deeper feelings. Thoughts, memories and moments evolve from our subconscious. The most whimsical of these were illustrated for the campaign of the Athens State Orchestra. A lady swims in Dvořák’s beard, a pianist is performing on Beethoven’s hair and a small animal comes out of Bach’s pocket. In the world of music there will always be positive sceneries. Imagine them!

  • Creative Directors Michalis Georgiou, Dimitris Stefanidis, Alexandros Gavrilakis
  • Art Directors Marinos Kolokotsas, Sophia Kostaki
  • Designers
  • Illustrators Aiste Bileviciute
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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