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Axel Røthe & The Cloudberry Cream


Axel Røthe is diagnosed with a rare disease that as a kid rendered him blind. Now, at 18, his condition has weakened him considerably. Before he got too sick, he and his father, Knut, recorded two songs which they released in 2016. When they asked us to design the record cover, we knew we had to make a cover that is appreciated and experienced by the blind, not only interpreted, like braille. Axel gets to know the world with his fingertips, and that´s how we wanted people to get to know Axel.

The main feature of the cover is an illustration of Axel inspired by sonar. Facial features, shade and hair are distinguishable through embossed lines in various thickness. The cover is sealed with a blindfold across Axel´s eyes with text in a custom font. Braille elements in relief varnish and silk screened lines makes the font legible for both the blind and the seeing. With these tactile printing effects, unique folding and premium papers, it´s design you don´t have to see to appreciate.

  • Creative Directors Gaute Tenold Aase, Mats Ottdal
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Mats Ottdal, Gaute Tenold Aase
  • Illustrators Gaute Tenold Aase
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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