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by Pjotr Grafisch Ontwerp

Bahamontes is a trimestrial magazine about cycling, named after the legendary Spanish road racing cyclist Federico Bahamontes. Bahamontes (the magazine) exists two years now and has made 8 issues yet. We bring the stories of past and present, written by the best publicists, accompanied by photography of the best photographers in Belgium. We are a team of cycling-lovers, with a great knowledge of cycling history and a heart for beautifully made magazines. Topics are a well-balanced mix inspired by what’s happening in the cycling scene now and what has happend in the past decades. We tell the stories that even connoisseurs of the cycling scene didn’t know yet. The magazine is designed with a high level of detail and printed on 144 pages of fine, uncoated paper. Bahamontes is a magazine you want to keep and put on your bookshelf. 

  • Creative Directors Pieter Willems, Jelle Vermeersch, Jonas Heyerick
  • Art Directors Pieter Willems
  • Designers Pieter Willems
  • Illustrators Randall Casaer
  • Photographers Jelle Vermeersch, Diego Franssen, Siegfried Eggers, Philipp Hymphendahl, Jonas Lampens, Kristof Ramon, Thomas Sweertvaegher, Dimitri Van Zeebroeck, Aldo Tonnoir, Philipp Hymphendahl
  • Editors Patrick Vincent
  • Copywriters Michiel Ameloot, Jan Antonissen, Jo Badisco, Matthias Declercq, Raoul De Groote, Jeroen Denaeghel, Geert De Vriese, Lander Deweer, Frank Heinen, Jonas Heyerick, Luc Kempen, Walter Pauli, Sven Spoormakers, Peter Terrin, Tim Vanderjeugd, Joost Vandesande, Rik Van Puymbroeck, Rik Vanwalleghem, Pieter Verstraeten, Ivo Victoria, Patrick Vincent, Michel Wuyts, Thijs Zonneveld
  • Chief Editors Jonas Heyerick, Jelle Vermeersch
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