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by Marcin Markowski

This publication is prepared for the program of the Polish Theatre in Poznan. The play for which this program was prepared, is a contemporary performance (directed by Krzysztof Garbaczewski, dramaturgy by Martin Cecko), refering to the classical Polish drama ”Balladyna”. The program tries to recall the content of the play which bring up the subject of a vulgar, dominant and wild nature of the man with the context of  surrounding world of politics, science and nature. 

  • Creative Directors Marcin Markowski
  • Art Directors Marcin Markowski
  • Designers Marcin Markowski
  • Illustrators Marcin Markowski
  • Photographers Marcin Markowski
  • Editors Anna Maśląkowska
  • Copywriters Anna Maśląkowska / Marcin Cecko
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