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When BassAwards approached NOMINT to create the 2014 call for entries video, NOMINT’s creative directors Yannis and Christos tricked a team of talented hipster trolls into submission, by offering foraged treats from the alleys of Shoreditch. Unfortunately the poisonous berries didn’t kill the well-groomed monsters right away, they only made them stronger and more delirious. 
One hundred days later and under the spell of the beating drum of the wonderful Zelig Sound we unveil to the world the insanity that is BassAwards 2014 call for entries video. 
We were offered absolute creative rein and it was a great opportunity for our internal team to do some exploration in content and technique.  Our starting point was the idea of a bird struggling with a colourful alien worm-like creature that would eventually overpower the bird. We focused on the surprise of transformation and on the contrasting nature of the two.  The textured, tactile and realistically integrated, “bird”  and the colourful, flat and superimposed “worm”.
BassAwards are the International Awards of Motion Graphics, Animation and Broadcast Design. 

  • Creative Directors Yannis Konstantinidis, Christos Lefakis
  • Art Directors
  • Designers NOMINT
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Sound Design Zelig Sound
  • Animation NOMINT
  • Concept NOMINT
  • Production Company NOMINT
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