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Bauen für Kultur / Building for Culture

by Q

For the ninth time in a row, SOKA-BAU (Social Fund for the German Building and Construction Industry) commissioned Q to create a large-format calendar.

As part of the series »Fascination of Construction«, we came up with the main 2015 theme, »Building for Culture«, because we were inspired by the fact that numerous cultural buildings become objects of cultural value themselves. Their specific requirements often lead to innovative results, as impressively proven by the 12 buildings selected for the calendar, including the House of Cultures in Berlin, the Westerturm Ensemble in Duderstadt, and the German Mining Museum in Bochum.

The color impression of each sheet was inspired by the time of the year: From a cold blue to fresh green and warm red to dark autumnal tones back to blue again, a seasonal color gradient expands over twelve months.

While image and calendar table are usually positioned in separate areas, Q rethought the »normal« approach and inserted the month’s names in the building images. This combination of text and visual levels, big letters and great architecture, forms a surprising unity through its compelling photographic impact.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors Q
  • Designers Q
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Jan Bitter, Udo Kowalski, Werner Huthmacher, Dirk Krüll, Christian Richters, Thomas Lewandowski, Linus Lintner, Stefan Müller, Hufton + Crow, hkr.architekten GmbH, hänsel + rollmann, Gnädinger Architekten, Holzer Kobler Architekturen
  • Editors Q
  • Copywriters Ute Hofmann
  • Printed by Komminform, Kriftel
  • Finished by Komminform, Kriftel
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